DIY Gold Bedside Lamps (and some spray paint tips)


This is not much of a tutorial, but rather a “hey, look how simple DIY can be!”. I knew I wanted lamps beside our bed for reading, and I looked at so many options. Some were too expensive, some were too big for our tiny apartment, some were good and a decent price, but I wanted a challenge *wink*. I knew I could make some look how I wanted, on the cheap, and that would fit perfectly in our tiny space. My first trip to Goodwill I came across a matching pair of lamps and snatched them up for $3.99 each. They are just basic, dorm room type lamps, but I knew that they would look spiffy with a fresh coat of gold. I love that they clipped onto the bed, which saves us precious space, and they plug in rather than need to be wired to the electricity of the house, which was essential (#renters). Here are a few inspiration pieces I used when buying and painting my lamps.


A few spray paint tips:

  1. Get the good stuff. Pay a few extra bucks. I love Rustoleum in Pure Gold. Make sure to get the cans with the spray nozzle on top, it makes the application and clean up so much smoother.
  2. Wait the proper amount of time for the next coats. You can usually either do quick second coats within about 30 minutes of the initial coat, or wait 24-48 hours. Meaning, don’t remember in 3 hours and try to do another coat. It will glob up and make a mess.
  3. Clean up fingers with nail polish remover. If you get a good nozzle (see number 1), you shouldn’t have much finger clean up at all.
  4. Use long, steady strokes to apply paint. Overlap each layer slightly, and be confident with it as you go around! Don’t be timid; show that paint who’s boss.
  5. Make sure you are far enough away from cars, house, small children, etc when painting. It’s amazing how a tiny bit of wind can carry spray paint.
  6. Clean your nozzle after each time you use it.

Here’s the final product. There will be matching ones on either side. (Full house tour will be done later. All 400 square feet!). What do you think of the gold lamp transformation? Is DIY your thing, or would you rather just pick up a final project from the store? (No wrong answer, I like to do both depending on what it is :).



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