Fitness with a Purpose

Happy New Year from The Balance Project!


We’re going classic January goals this month with fitness being the theme. So many people want to recharge this month and we are all for it! Don’t let resolution haters get you down! Just make useful goals.


How to do that? For us, we decided the first step is discovering your purpose for becoming fit (or doing whatever goal you have in mind).  And at this time in our lives, we each have different purposes.


Kristin is getting ready to try and have another baby (yay!), I (Rachael) am working to become stronger/fitter after I recently had a baby.


So, first step for you is to WRITE DOWN YOUR PURPOSE! Find intention within what you are doing. Losing XXX lbs is not a helpful goal, and likely will become frustrating along your journey. Instead, write the “why” of your fitness goals, and then focus on how you want to FEEL as you continually work towards your goals.
Given our different purposes, our fitness plans will look quite different. And yours will look different from ours! But we wanted to share ours in the hopes one might resonate with someone, and it can help you work towards your goals.


Think of it like those exercise videos where one person is doing the advanced (Kristin), and then “if you need something more low key”, that’s me.
Kristin has developed a structured exercise program with daily practices, but that still allows for some flexibility. Her calendar can be printed HERE– Workout Plan with a Purpose, and you can use her schedule, or make your own depending on your needs.


In an attempt to get back into more regular and structured exercise, I am going to incorporate “joyful movement” into my daily life. The idea being that if I intentionally move my body every day in a way that I enjoy, it will help me want to continue to improve my physical health.

Tomorrow on the blog I am sharing 30 ideas of how you can move your body daily. If this is the level you are at, join me! Do something everyday and get your body moving in a way that FEELS GOOD!


Or, enter BEAST MODE and follow along with Kristin to really ramp up your fitness and see big strides this month!


Are you making fitness goals this month? Share with us what you do to keep your resolutions useful and attainable.


Start today-move your body, outside, in the gym, in your home–wherever! We are doing it right along with you.



Workout Plan with a Purpose

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