Welcome to January’s Challenge

Yoga and Meditation are the name of the game this month. Official challenge name: “Chillin Out Maxin, Relaxin All Cool”.

This is the perfect way to begin the year; yoga and meditation work hand-in-hand to unite body, mind, and spirit. It also just feels freaking great. If we can get into good habits of daily yoga, and figure out how to implement meditation in an attainable way, then the rest of the year will undoubtedly go smoother. That’s just one of the many benefits of yoga — it centers you.


Here are a few of our favorite resources we are starting this month with. More to come as we continue to research and learn more!

YouTube–Yoga with Adriene-She is a yoga goddess, so approachable, with high quality and free videos. Try her 30 day of yoga challenges! They are a fantastic way to build your practice, and get in the habit of daily yoga.

Apps- Headspace and Smiling Mind. Both are guided meditation apps we have used and enjoyed. Again, approachable to the “every day” type person.

Videos-My personal favorite is Rodney Yee abs videos. So good for the core!

Did you know that many yoga studios in your community will offer one or more free classes for you to try before buying a pass, or more classes? This is a great way to find a fit before you commit.


We will write a full post of resources later this month, to let you know what we have discovered and learned. We love to hear your favorites too, so comment below and let everyone know! We want this to be a community of sharing, and learning from each other.

Happy 2018, and happy meditating! (and Yoga-ing? 😉



The Project

My sister Rachael and I enjoy just about everything. Trying new things and finding ways to improve and make our lives easier is something of a hobby for us. This is how the idea for the Balance Project came in to being. It is an attempt to simplify and improve life by looking for good habits that help keep life happy and in balance.

Here’s how things will work around here — each month Rachael and I will explore a new lifestyle, and go all in. The goal is NOT to become the most mindful crossfitting hygge living vegan yogi of all time. The goal is to gather resources, explore options and implement sustainable changes in order to enjoy the benefits of each respective lifestyle and hopefully find balance. We want to share what we find so others can also implement changes in a way that makes sense for their lives. We are looking forward to the challenge and hope you are as well-Welcome to the Balance Project!